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The Science


We fear that parents confuse the term “organic” by assuming that when seeing it on a label, the product is rich in nutrients, free of pesticides and chemicals, and completely safe for their tiny human. Please know that this common misconception is far from accurate. These “organic” foods are diluted produce items with water & filling starches being the main ingredients.  By the time the organic produce makes its way to the shelf, it’s nutritional value is almost null from processing. When is the last time you left an apple on your counter & ate it a year later???  At Tiny Human Food, when we say organic, we mean organic. Our process is as close to “from organic farm to baby” as you can get. We get the organic fruit or vegetables in, process them and away to you they go.


Tiny Human Food was created to offer parents something that has been lacking in the baby food aisle–natural, organic nutrition. Tiny Human Food recipes contain high nutrient content, thanks to our cold pressed process. Up until now, store-bought baby foods have been processed using Ultra High Temperature (UHT). These high temperatures destroy many of the vitamins and nutrients that raw ingredients once contained, leaving the cup empty of nutritional value or benefit. Our cold pressed process under High Pressure Pasteurization (or HPP) ensures that not only our product is preserved safely but also preserves all the vitamins and nutrients your tiny human needs. And what else are we preserving? Flavor. Our lower temperatures are gentler on the raw product, so carrots actually taste like carrots! Better taste and nutrition means better immunity and mind body development. Richer flavors allow baby’s palates to be exposed to excellent tasting and lightly textured foods to create a less picky toddler.


We are proud to share how we performed in the Clean Label Project's independent study of the entire baby food category!

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