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You will notice that we have organic juices in some of our recipes.  This is because we want to offer single flavor profile recipes rather than blends of a bunch of different ingredients and when you do that with fresh produce, you need to be at a certain pH in order for the cold-press process to be effective at killing potentially harmful bacteria.  We're mindful of the fact that juices can change the flavor so we have worked hard to find the right amounts and combinations to make them virtually undetectable and put the least amount possible to avoid adding unnecessary natural sugars.

We don't offer Tiny Human Food™ in pouches for a multitude of reasons from the fact that they delay motor-skill development to the fact that they've been linked to childhood obesity (babies slurp the food down so fast that their brains don't have time to tell their stomachs that they're full).  We completely understand that in today's GO-GO-GO way of life, they can seem like a huge timesaver, but the risks unfortunately outweigh the rewards.

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