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I know that it can be difficult at times to determine whether or not an opportunity or person is truly unique or to be trusted. Here's what you should know about myself (as the founder) and Tiny Human Food® - We defy gravity.
  • Less than 2% of teen moms go on to earn a college degree. I earned mine at 26
  • Only 4% of startup founders are in the age range of 18-29. I was 28.
  • Only 10% of startups are successful each year. I achieved 50% of Plum Organics & Happy Baby's first year sales on my own - with a product that required an entire cooler to be installed, not just another shelf stable product. Tiny Human Food® and I are in year five of our love affair and most of those years were spent with me being a solo act and solo parent.
  • When I wanted a deal with Warner Bros. to use their babies on our packaging, I called them - and got the deal.
  • My personal hero, Mr. Christopher Gardner (Pursuit of Happyness) came to my town for an event last December. Out of 1,000 attendees, I created an opportunity to have a one-on-one lunch with him. 
  • There's a .001524% chance of ending up on the Dr. Oz Show. I had the honor of representing Tiny Human Food® on both Dr. Oz and Windy City Live a year and a half ago. Links to shows are in my signature. 
  • Tiny Human Food® is the ONLY baby food on the market whose ENTIRE line was given the Purity Award by the Clean Label Project! (worth repeating!)
I've told the same story so many times that at this point there's this freakish thing that happens when I'm asked, "Ash, what made you start Tiny Human Food®?" - words just automatically start coming out of my mouth. Nothing about me is robotic and I don't enjoy repetition in most things as it stifles my ability to bounce around in the collective creative and so I thought I'd try a different approach. I want people to know the origins of Tiny Human Food®, the heartfelt purpose that its rooted in, the story of a solo parent who started the company as a solo act. I want people to know this story because I feel a deep sense of responsibility to elevate other humans and when I share this story people have told me repeatedly how empowering it is, so I'm happy to do that. It's telling me this is a "4 minute read" so please bear with me while I full circle and tell you the origins of Tiny Human Food®.
I knew at a very young age that I wanted to be a police officer. I loved playing with hair and makeup too, but that was my artistic hobby and outlet rather than something I wanted to do every day. I grew up the only child to a single mother and spent a significant amount of time on my own which taught me how to get shit done for myself, by myself. As a little me, I was honest, kind and fair. I didn't get into trouble unless I was defending a peer from a mean kid at school, I earned good grades and I was always doing my best to make myself as "needs-free" as I could for my mother. When I was young, my mother married an abusive alcoholic and moved us 35 minutes away from my childhood neighborhood and friends. Feeling the fear of isolation in a remote location, I made friends and stayed out of the house as much as possible - this eventually led to my becoming a teen mom. Again, even during this time, I was getting good grades and wasn't getting into 'trouble', however when no one's paying attention to your well-being and teens are left to their own devices, you never know what can happen. Some may gasp and discredit my value as a person based on this one thing that I did - wouldn't be the first time and it doesn't affect me either way because my first born child is one of the loves of my life no matter what the circumstances of his creation. This period allowed me to learn tenacity.
My childhood taught me what chaos, hard work and 'feeling a way I didn't want to feel' looked like so I took that forward with me and decided I would pursue my dreams no matter the level of difficulty. I worked two (and sometimes three) jobs at a time and put myself through college while raising my son on my own. I navigated that period of my life with an intense ferocity condemning the way my younger years had felt and hellbent that my son would never experience anything less than my very best for his life. When Christian turned eleven, I finally graduated college. It had taken me four years to earn my two year degree, but I had done it and the uniform that I wanted to wear as much as I wanted to breathe was finally within reach - and then I met my (now ex) husband. Duh-dun-dunnnn.... life stories can sound so dramatic without humor inserted!!
So my ex-husband and I had our son, Luca and I knew that I simply could not be the kind of mom to an infant that I needed to be and the kind of police officer that I wanted to be at the same time - Luca won that round! Plus I was now armed with a college degree where I was taught to think critically and be mindful and aware of things (even down to what you eat!). When Luca was ready for solid foods I went to the grocery store excited to see what advancements had been made over the last decade since my oldest had eaten baby food. To my shock and utter confusion, there was a cooler with refrigerated dog food, but there were ZERO fresh options for babies - you know, tiny HUMANS. This broke my brain. With nothing more than a stubborn pissed off determination and a degree in criminal justice, I decided to create a better option for tiny humans and their parents. I knew that I wanted to create the best baby food the category had ever seen.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Tiny Human Food®. Our line of scrumptious, cold-pressed, small-batch baby food is the cleanest line of baby food on the market. It has been given the Clean Label Project's Purity Award along with their Best in Class Award as it does not contain the heavy metals that the other brands do. There's a mom at the helm who is just as focused on the health of your tiny human as you are and 'bottom lines' do not move me off of my mark. You can trust that when you buy Tiny Human Food®, it will be a great experience from start to finish and please know that as the person who created everything you see, I am immeasurably grateful for your trust and your business. The way I see it, it's simple - offer the best for tiny humans, create healthier generations of humans, share our success. It is an honor to be in my position. It is an honor to be a part of your little one's development. And you have my word that we will use our success to create a better world in every way we can!
Stay tuned! We're making some big moves over here and I'm happy to bring you with us along the way!

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