Tiny Human Food

Our delicious food is made in small batches, and our innovative high pressure processing retains all the taste and nutrition as nature intended. Delivered fresh, delivered cold right to your door.


Organic Apple

You can’t just go wrong with our organic Apple puree!


Organic Carrot Apple

Perfectly pureed carrots and apples that are ready and eager to share their nutrient goodness!


Organic Sweet Potato

Who doesn’t love sweet potatoes?! Great way to introduce your tiny human to the wonderful world of potatoes!


Organic Pumpkin Banana

A scrumptious combination of both fruit & vegetable. Both baby & parent will enjoy it’s yumminess!

Unfortunately, organic certified bananas are not grown in the U.S. so that’s the only ingredient that we have to source from outside of the U.S.  However, we have carefully vetted our supplier and offer you the best organic certified bananas from South America!


Organic Carrot

Perfectly pureed carrots that are ready and eager to share their nutrient goodness!


Organic Green Bean

“Yummy, green beans!”, said no baby, ever.  Haha, although we realize that green beans may not be the favorite of most tiny humans, they’re rich in nutrients that their bodies need. For a sweeter taste to help your tiny human to enjoy add some carrots and mix & voila!