Our CEO & Founder, Ashley Rossi, created Tiny Human Food™ because as a mother, she found that there was much to be desired in the baby food industry and an entire market that was not being catered to… The market that knows the value in feeding a baby whole, unadultered, homemade quality foods, but may not have the time or “know how” to produce them themselves. Ashley knew that based on her knowledge of the baby food industry as it stood, she wouldn’t be feeding any of their ‘creations’ to her son.  With that in mind, she bought a few homemade baby food cook books and a Baby Bullet, and the idea of Tiny Human Foodums was born!

We pride ourselves in offering parents the very best tiny human food on the market! Tiny Human Food produces a line of scrumptious small-batch, organic, cold-pressed tiny human food which gives parents an opportunity to invest in the health of their child/ren every time they pick up the spoon.  Our food is full of the vitamins and nutrients that nature intended for them to have, rather than stripped of their natural goodness in order to be able to sit on a grocery store shelf for a year. We are proud to offer you a superior alternative option and do our part in creating a much healthier next generation! A big part of what drives us is our plan to take part of the proceeds earned and build our founder’s dream “homeless hotel”.  Ashley has had a heart and passion for those struggling with homelessness since she was a child and cannot wait to help end the cycle of homelessness for children in the Chicagoland area.

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