Clean Ingredients, Pure Quality

Best In Class

When our founder Ashley was making food for when her children were babies, only the best organic produce would do. In making Tiny Human Food, Ashley’s pursuit of giving your baby the best drove her to seek out the best, traceable sources of organic produce and ensure her processes captured all of the nutrition nature intended.

Her efforts have been reflected in the results, as Tiny Human Food earned the Best In Class seal from the Clean Label Project, who test for common harmful items such as lead, mercury and pesticides.

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Keep Fresh Coming To Your Door

As a busy parent, finding ways to both save time and money are amazingly valuable to you. We’ve got just the solution for making sure you’ve always got great food for your little one. By using the Tiny Human Food autoship program, your tiny human will receive delicious, fresh food delivered cold and you save in the process! Sign up and save 10% off every order and mix and match for your tiny human’s tastes!

Small Batch, Organic and Cold Pressed

At Tiny Human Food, we buy quality organic ingredients from farmers right here in the U.S. (with the exception of bananas, which are still organic, but not local). We lovingly make our food in small batches and cold-press our recipes which allows us to make your tiny human’s food safe while also leaving the vitamins, nutrients, & flavor intact that other baby foods are lacking.

USDA Organic Baby Food
Gluten Free Baby Food

What To Feed Your Baby?

As a pediatrician with a special interest in baby nutrition, it’s been a long time since I’ve been impressed by innovation in the baby food aisle. The only new news in years has been the introduction of pouches, and I rarely recommend pouches to my patients. Babies learn to eat by seeing, smelling and tasting their food, which is one of the benefits of spoon feeding! So when I discovered Tiny Human Food, I was ecstatic. First, I loved the name – the recognition that babies are tiny humans and should be treated as such. I loved the fact that the food is cold pressed, which makes it much more nutritious than the overcooked purees in jars that can sit on a grocer's shelf for years. And I loved that Tiny Human Food comes in cups, to help tiny humans learn to eat like big ones. Tiny Human Food is the breakthrough I've been waiting for.``